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Technical Service

Top Drive Service


TDS Service Center mainly engaged in the Top Drive System field maintenance and overhaul servicespare parts and special technology training , keeping service for the drilling companies. The center owns a variety of top drive specialized experimental apparatus, top drive overhaul debug device,all kinds of hydraulic top drive DC and variable frequency equipments to conduct a comprehensive testing and repair, which assures the top drive performance to be normal levels

 So far, we have finished maintenance ,overhaul and technical innovation of VARCO,CANRIG, TESCO ,BPM. Because of  strong technique and  high efficient troubleshooting, we gain good reputation in TDS service industry .



1.TDS Technical Service

It comprises a team of engineers who are professionally trained ,and they have obtained the eligible certifications.
All engineers are  experienced in field service overseas ,and they are skilled in running and maintaining different kinds of TDS such as VARCO , TESCO , CANRIG, BPM; Be familiar with the generating set and the SCR house ,can provide the relevant technology for the petroleum scene mechanics , electricity engineers; Can diagnose and handle the malfunction of scene life electrified wire netting 、auxiliary electrical equipment etc in time . All engineers are skilled in professional English, can communicate with foreigners easily.
With powerful technical support, we have built close technology cooperation relationship successively with Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory , Beijing Siemens , Xi'an  BOMAY ,GWDC(CNPC), Deyang Yuanfeng Petroleum Engineering Techology Co.,Ltd., carrying out technical exchange and studies.
Have provided many drilling companies of CNPC ,Sinopec,and oil companies in Egypt,India and Pakistan with TDS maintenance and overhaul. So far, The TDS service has been carried out in Africa, Middle East , Central Asia, South Asia, South America and other countries and regions and won great acclaim from our customers.

2.TDS Spare Parts

 Based on overseas experience in TDS field service for years , We have bulit a swift spare parts channel . Offices and reserve centers have been set up in Dubai, Houston , Kazakhstan. Accessories of different TDS spare parts are kept in the stores, including BPM,VARCO, TESCO, CANRIG ,etc. Meanwhile, we can have the spare parts made (purchase) to order by clients. Our aim is to seek high quality and high efficient service, satisfying every customer.

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